Educational videos for Pfizer

See how the Shoot Medical team produced creative educational videos for leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer

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Have a look at a variety of the work we have done in the industry with clips from our most recent successful work.

Expert Interviews

Filming an expert interview can be extremely powerful, engaging and hugely educational for your target audience.  Interviews can be conducted on any topic and can be used to promote a certain technique/therapy or provide the latest cutting edge knowledge in the subject area.


Thousands of medical related events take place each year worldwide and the opportunity to film seminars, lectures and talks can be hugely beneficial.  By taking content from these events audiences can benefit from having access to the event content all year round.  Videos can be edited into short knowledge bites and different topic areas.


We can also film more than one speaker when there is a roundtable or panel discussion involved.  We will also help in the setup to capture the best angles, looks and content for the final video (s).

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