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To creatively produce a set of videos for training purposes to be utilised as part of the overall training for internal staff.  The idea was to film several ‘characters’ within a hospital environment to give broader insights into how best to approach certain situations with best practices.

With the help of A-Z Medical Writing (Medical Content Writing Agency) to produce key visual material, Shoot Business were able to professionally film and interview various people within the hospital which could then be edited using visual slides to create engaging videos to be utilised in training workshops.

  1. What was it like working with Nomi and Shoot Business/ShootMedical?

“Nomi is very personable, listened to the needs of the audience and  quickly identified with the messages and content we were looking to gain from the shoot. Ahead of meeting at the shoot, he took the time to fully understand the brief and digest the material we provided.

He and his team very sensitive to the difficulties of shooting in a hospital, but managed to get some great footage to give a real sense of our location and its environment.

You can trust Nomi to be creative with the format and presentation of the audio visual material so it has a strong impact with your audience.”

  1. What did you think of the final videos that were produced?

“Nomi’s turnaround time was very efficient and he worked well in partnership with another agency who provided imagery we wanted to include in the final footage.

He understood the brief and hence was able to deliver a completed piece with minimal edits.

The reception of the completed material with internal colleagues at Pfizer has been very positive.”

Christopher Heaney, Regional Customer Marketing, Pfizer Europe

“Working with Pfizer Europe and Chris Heaney (Customer Marketing) was truly a pleasure, they are innovative thinkers who really understand the importance of media in education to educate and deliver better training for their teams”

Nomi Farooq, Shoot Medical