About Shoot Medical

We produce multimedia communications for the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry from Marketing videos to Educational videos, we cover everything from events, panel discussions and interviews.

We also help clients with digital marketing and web developments

Educational videos, promotional videos, seminars/conferences, interviews, panel discussions and more!
We have our own healthcare education platforms with specific audiences viewing our engaging content. With experience in Oncology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Haematology and more!
Whether you are targeting patients or clinicians we have the right tools to engage them.  With expertise in digital marketing we can target your audience and transmit the right content to them!

We have years of experience in the healthcare and medical industry

World Class Digital Media

From Medical videos to Healthcare symposiums, we have your media needs covered!  We are specialists in producing media for the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with years of experience.  From marketing to educational content, we do things from scratch.

Dedicated teams

Our team of developers, camera crew, editors, digital marketers, web developers and online experts have experience both national and international to give value to our clients.

Who we serve?

– Small and large pharmaceutical companies

– Research Institutes

– Academic institutes

Some Words From Our Clients

“The reception of the completed material with internal colleagues at Pfizer has been very positive”
Chris Heaney, Regional Marketing, Pfizer